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We’ll help you recruit and manage your research logistics for any safe and legal user research method you can think of: interviews, focus groups, moderated usability tests, unmoderated tasks, diary studies, shop-alongs—you get the idea.

1 on 1 Interview
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Vetted Participants
Occupations to target
2 hours
Median time to qualify first participant

Recruit User Interviews
vetted participants

Define your criteria

Include study details and demographic criteria for your participants.

Build your screener survey

Ask any questions you like to find your ideal audience. We’ll automatically filter based on results.

Launch your project

We'll notify relevant people from our audience. In most cases you'll have qualified participants in under a day.

Approve candidates

You’ll see qualified participants in your queue in real time. Approve candidates based on profile and survey responses.

Manage research logistics

Schedule participants

Sync your calendar and let participants schedule themselves based on your availability. No back and forth.

Automate incentives

We’ll process payment via Amazon gift cards in the amount you choose.
Or you can handle if you prefer.

Communicate with participants

Use our message center to communicate with users right within the app.

Recruit Pricing


User Interviews audience

per completed participant session


User Interviews audience

per completed participant session

Always included

Unlimited number of screener questions

Profiles often Facebook and Linkedin verified

Assisted or automatic scheduling

Managed incentive payments

Automatic reminder emails & text messages

Optional Add Ons


Multi-page screeners
with skip logic

per completed
participant session


Pre-screen candidates
over the phone

per completed
participant session

*Who pays participant incentives?

The prices above do not include incentives.  How much you pay in participant incentives is up to you. You can pay your participants on your own however you like, or we'll handle this for you through Amazon gift cards. In this case, when you mark a session complete, we will release payment immediately. We charge 3% of the incentive for this service when paid by credit card.

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