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Why UX professionals prefer User Interviews

1. Price
UserTesting wants you to sign a $10,000 or $40,000 annual contract. We don't. With User Interviews, you only pay for the interviews & usability tests that you conduct. Our rates start at $20 per participant (not including the participant incentive)
2. Participant choice & participant quality
With UserTesting, you have limited visibility into the participants that are giving you feedback. With User Interviews, we provide full profiles on every candidate (often including Facebook and Linkedin), and we let you choose which candidates you want to hear from. 

We can recruit participants with specific consumer behaviors or professions, and we allow you to ask an unlimited number of screener questions so you can be sure that you're reaching the right audience.
3. Recruit users for any type of study
UserTesting limits you to running remote website or app usability tests. Choose User Interviews, and we'll let you use our participants for any type of study that you want to run. Run any type of user test: focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews, diary studies, unmoderated tasks, eye tracking studies, and more! You can even recruit participants for in person sessions.

Use our platform to manage the logistics: scheduling, coordinating times, reminding participants about their sessions. Choose any platform to run your study (e.g. Lookback, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.)
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