1-on-1 Interview

Product Owners - Outlining Tool Evaluation

Compensation: $80.00 via Amazon.com Gift Card* / 50 minutes
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1-on-1 Interview
Tired of spending time keeping track and following up on outstanding questions that arises during refinement? Bottlenecked by being the only one with full knowledge of the conversation around new features? Doing double work writing specs and adding tickets to Jira?

If you recognize yourself in the above, then this interview is for you! We are Delibr, a Swedish startup, and we are developing an outlining tool specially made for making agile feature specifications.

We are looking for product owners to give feedback on how a tool like ours would fit into their workflow and what would be required of the tool for it to be relevant. For product owners who find the tool relevant, we offer a free trial period where we give hands-on support.
$80.00 via Amazon.com Gift Card*
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50 minutes
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*Restrictions apply, see amazon.com/gc-legal