1-on-1 Interview

Genetic Testing Research

Compensation: $75.00 via Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Code / 30 minutes
Study Details
Study type
1-on-1 Interview
We're looking for individuals 65 and older to discuss their understanding and opinion of genetic testing in healthcare, specifically regarding the benefits of genetic testing for seniors. Participants will have the opportunity to receive an optional genetic test and associated results.

During the course of the interview, we ask participants to review and respond to their experience, our process, and our educational materials. We utilize this information to assist in improving our process, as well as being sure that frequently asked questions are addressed by our materials.

For your participation in the above, you will earn a $75 incentive.

If you'd like to receive genetic testing results, you'll provide a buccal swab (cheek swab, no blood draw). This is OPTIONAL, and if selected, a claim will be submitted to your insurance.
$75.00 via Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Code
Session length
30 minutes
Interview type
In Person
Arlington Heights, IL

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