Early Product Testing of a Financial Management Tool for Business Owners

Study type
Multi Day Study
Interview type
$25 Amazon.com Gift Card*
Session length
2 days

We are currently in early development of a financial management software tool designed for small business owners called Liquid (www.beliquid.io). We're looking for feedback on our initial features and early thoughts on whether we are headed in the right direction.

If selected, you will be asked to go through the initial onboarding, log into the app at least once a day over over a two day period and complete a brief survey. The total time commitment is less than 30 minutes. All steps must be completed in order to receive payment. For your participation, you'll earn:

1. Early access to Liquid and continued free use until it is launched to the public; and

2. a $25 Amazon gift card

Please note:

1. In order to participate in this product study you will need to connect business bank and credit card accounts with our app using a secure and commonly used integration named Plaid (www.plaid.com).

2. Your transaction data will ONLY be used to provide you with useful analysis and insights through the app.

3. We will NOT share your data with any other party.

4. We will NOT have access to your bank and credit card account login credentials as you will connect directly to those accounts within the app.

Additional screening

The researcher may follow up via message, email, or phone to confirm if you're a fit for the study. Be sure to answer!

*Restrictions apply, see amazon.com/gc-legal