Website Feature Feedback

Study type
1-on-1 Interview
Interview type
$50 Gift Card*
Session length
45 minutes

We are looking for current college/grad/trade school students or recent grads to provide us feedback on feature concepts.

This study will be done via an online meeting tool and lasts 45 minutes. You may need to download a small packet of software to use the online meeting tool; unless you've used the tool in the past.

You will need to have a laptop or desktop for this study with high speed internet. You will need to be in a quiet space. It is helpful if you can also have a separate phone line as it is easier to dial into the meeting via phone, but connect via computer for the screen sharing portion.

If you are chosen for this project, we will email you details of how to connect. We welcome people from all over the US to participate.

*Restrictions apply, see