Visby User Research Study

Study type
1-on-1 Interview
Interview type
In Person
$50 Amazon gift card/equivalent
Session length
1 hour 30 minutes

Visby Medical is a fast-growing startup disrupting the medical diagnostics space taking a human-centric, technology first approach to device development. The purpose of conducting user interviews is to help us align our vision of building incredible products which will truly enhance and enable patients to make better medical decisions. In the spirit of our purpose, we are looking to spend 60-90 minutes with patients to learn more about their experiences in sexual health with diagnosing sexually transmitted infections. Given that several medical related events transpire within your home, we would ideally like to spend our time understanding you and the environment within which you live. If you are not comfortable with us visiting your home, we invite you to our offices in San Jose. We will offer an incentive of your choice of a $50 dollar Amazon gift card or a Visby gift with the same value. We look forward to meeting you!


San Jose, CA

*Restrictions apply, see