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How are opt-in forms used to build my panel?

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March 3, 2020

Opt-in forms are available for researchers with unlimited subscriptions who want to build a panel of their own users in our Bring Your Own tool. You can even brand your opt-in forms using our customization tools so participants recognize your company.

Creating your opt-in form

Only one opt-in form can be created per panel (or subscription). Add freeform or select one/any questions to collect information about your new population members. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Line breaks and hyperlinks are not allowed in any of our styling at the moment
  • We only require email addresses for the time being because we want to make sure that an incomplete form still makes it's way into your CRM

Data collection

All responses and data will be saved in your private BYO panel. Each question can be set up to create a new or update an existing column.

Data consent options

Include a new or existing data consent notice to your opt-in form to check that box with participants—literally and figuratively. Learn more about how to create a data consent notice here.

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