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When will I receive my incentive payment?

What to expect when incentive payments are issued and how to use them

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March 25, 2020

When can I expect my incentive payment?

We expect payment for a study to be issued within 10 business days of your session date. Please do not contact support if it has not be at least 10 business days since your study as our team will not be able to assist you.

How will I receive my incentive payment?

You may have already been paid—did you check your email? If we have been asked to issue incentives for a researcher, we will email you your gift code directly. Look for an email from

You can also check your payment dashboard. Log into your account and click "My Projects" in your menu. You will be taken to a list of all projects you have been scheduled for. Find the one you have questions about and check the status.

If your project status is listed as "Confirmed", payment has not been issued yet. The researcher still needs to provide us with your record of attendance. Many will do this within a few days of your session. Please be patient and do not contact our team unless it has been more than 10 business days since your session.

If your project status is listed as "Paid", your incentive has been issued—woohoo! Check your email for our our message from or simply click "View Gift Code" to see your unique 17-digit code. To redeem your incentive, apply this code to your account (here's how).

Gift codes are issued safely and privately, meaning only you can see them in your email or in this dashboard. We will not be able to reissue any codes, especially if they have been shared or already applied. In other words—keep it safe and to yourself!

If your project status is listed as "Interview completed", the researcher has elected to distribute incentive payments. If this is the case, we are unable to provide tracking or additional details into your payment. If 10 business days have passed since your session and you have not received payment, contact our support team.

An important message about withheld incentive payments:

Every researcher reserves the right to withhold payment from a participant for the following reasons, among others:

  • Speculation of untruthful responses on a screener survey or in an interview
  • Speculation of fraudulent behavior
  • Incomplete participation of failure to complete all required tasks
  • Late arrivals to session
  • Any behavior deemed an interference to the session itself

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