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What is "Pay As You Go"?

All about our a la carte sourcing service for researchers.

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February 3, 2020

"Pay As You Go" is a service that  allows us to source and schedule participants for you. You'll be charged per completed session. Check out our current pricing.

What's included in pricing?

Recruitment fees are the cost of our services to book a participant for your study. Researchers will only be charged the recruitment fee for completed sessions.

Incentive payments are the honorarium issued to a participant as a "thank you" for their time. These are covered by the researcher, and you can decide how much you'd like to issue. Here are our incentive recommendations.

Add-on feature options

Advanced Screening

You'll only see a participant's email and phone number once they are scheduled for your study. Access participant contact information in advance with Advanced Screening (+$20 per completed session), a necessity for those who wish to prescreen candidates.

Add Pages + Skip Logic

Add pages and create different paths throughout your screener with our Skip Logic upgrade(+$10 per completed session).

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