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What’s the difference between the Consumer and All Access plans?

So, what's the difference?

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February 4, 2020

All of our Research Hub Unlimited plans are a perfect choice for teams who not only want ongoing access to unlimited participants, but who want endless use of all of our top features for the quickest and smoothest recruit possible.

What's included in both plans:

Unlimited recruiting from our consumer panel and your own users. We want the recruitment process to be as stress-free as possible for you, so recruit as many participants as you need when you need them—without the worry of additional costs. Whether you want to invite your own users or have us recruit for you, the choice is yours, every time. 

Saved contacts plus unlimited access to them (yours and ours). These are participants you can quickly access and invite to future studies. This includes participants User Interviews has previously recruited from our panel for you via recruit participants or participants you've invited or added to the platform via your hub panel for your “bring your own” projects. 

Advanced screening on any project. This feature gives you access to all phone and email contact info for qualified candidates UI has recruited for you, as well as the ability to message them quickly through our messages tool prior to approving them. 

Skip logic on any project. This feature allows you to create a customized screener experience for participants. It's a great tool to use if you want to change what questions a candidate sees, dependent on their responses to a previous question. 

Two researcher seats. These are spots for two researchers on your team who are able to launch and edit projects. Additional researcher seats are available for $150 for Consumer, and $300 for All Access. 

Unlimited collaborators seats. These are spots for all other team members who are able to view and/or edit active projects (you set the permissions). 

Only All Access includes:

Unlimited recruiting from our occupation panels. These are participants from our professional audience. For example, if you are looking for participants with specific occupations/titles such as “Project Manager”, you’d need this feature in order for us to recruit them for you. 

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