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How does the partnership work?

written by
Melanie Albert
Last updated:
December 14, 2018

Lookback and User Interviews have joined forces to bring you a seamless research experience.

Since Lookback is designed to capture screen activity, we recommend that you use this service if you need to record the screen, face, and voice of your participants during your session. Lookback is recommended for in-person, remote moderated, and remote unmoderated studies.

Step #1: Set up your Lookback account and design your project. You'll get a link to share with your participants that will lead them into your Lookback project.

Step #2: Recruit participants through User Interviews. Consumers or professionals. Remote or in-person. We find high-quality, articulate participants for any type of study, typically in 3-5 days or less.

Step #3: Collect feedback through Lookback. Share Lookback's Participate link with your participants. From there, you can interview and record the face, screen, and voice of your participants as they navigate your website.

Additional Pro-Tips: 

  • Encourage participants to do an audio check before their session to avoid complications.
  • Include instructions for how Lookback works in your confirmation email.
  • Perform a "tech check" before your session to make sure all audio and video are working.

If you have any issues using Lookback, you should email or look through their support resources.

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