User Interviews Participant Affiliates guidelines

All affiliates should keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Be transparent about your relationship with User Interviews.
  • When you share content promoting the benefits of participating in User Interviews Studies, include a clear disclosure such as, “As a User Interviews affiliate, I earn after you start participating through this link.”
  • Affiliates are not User Interviews employees and do not work under the direction of User Interviews employees. Never represent yourself as an agent or employee of User Interviews.
  • Don’t run paid advertisements in print or digital format. Don’t bid on User Interviews keywords or arbitrage User Interviews’s global audience.

Tools available to User Interviews affiliates

We provide Affiliates with tools to help customize their content—including social posts, videos, newsletters, and webpages—to share with their audience. Here’s what’s available:

  • Referral links: Share your unique link leading to User Interviews. Participants who sign up and then participate through your link will earn you a commission. 

Payments and payouts

As an affiliate referring a new participant who completes a study after signing up through your referral link, you’ll be paid at least $15 per participant and currently up to $30 for “high value” participants who are especially in demand. You’ll also get a bonus for referring more than 100 participants each month.

How you make money:

  1. Someone clicked on your link, signed up to participate, then completed a study. 
  2. We’ll send you a report of all qualifying participants and applicable commission for the previous month within the first half of the following month. 
  3. You’ll invoice us and we’ll pay you!
If you are interested in participating in our affiliate program, email :)

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