The fastest way to recruit research participants
Source from a pool of 3 million+ participants to reach nearly any target audience.
542,000+ sessions completed
$85.1 million incentives distributed
1 hour median time to 1st matched participant
Participant Quality
Get relevant feedback from participants
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Top-rated participants
Our participant scoring system evaluates researcher feedback and past participation to bring you the best.
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No bad apples
Our fraud detection system monitors for multiple key indicators of fraud, removing participants before they ever apply to a study.
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Fair incentives = happy participants
100% of incentives go to participants. Wondering how much to pay participants? Check out our incentive calculator.
“User Interviews has helped us numerous times in finding the right participants for our studies. Highly recommended!”
Greg Fain
Echo Qualitative
Expert Targeting
Research confidently with our targeting and support
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A panel that scales with demand
We proactively monitor demand data and grow our panel accordingly to ensure we have the right participants ready for you.
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Smart targeting means fast recruits
Our targeting system finds participants whose profiles and research histories match your criteria—whatever that might be.
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Only pay for successfully completed sessions
Never pay for no shows or sessions that didn’t work out. We have your back like that.
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Personalized support from a dedicated project coordinator
Your “PC” ensures you get the participants you need, when you need them.
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Target the right participants with categories like...
Choose from 140+ industry categories, from financial services to healthcare.
Job Titles
Target by job title. We'll provide exact and close-fit options for your review.
Narrow your targeting by demographic characteristics like age, education level, or marital status.
Target participants by city, state (US), or country. We currently recruit from all 50 US states, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and South Africa.
Narrow targeting by technical characteristics, including computer or smartphone operating system, web browser, or webcam capabilities.
Custom Screener Surveys
Create custom screener surveys with multiple choice, short answer, skip logic, and long answer questions to help qualify your ideal participants.
image of reviewer Quintin Carlson with green illustrative embellishments
“User Interviews has made it incredibly easy to validate our product and design decisions — even within our extremely niche market. It’s become a core part of our research process.”
Quintin Carlson
VP of Design at Hologram
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Automation Tools
Set and forget the not-fun parts of research
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Schedule automatically
Sync your calendar and let participants schedule themselves based on your availability. Connect Zoom and automatically generate and send unique links to confirmed participants.
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Pay incentives instantly
Automatically distribute incentives to participants, redeemable as dozens of digital gift cards. Or, you can handle incentives yourself—it's your call.
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Message participants
Customize reminder messages and send emails and texts, straight from the app. Bulk message to save time!
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Recruit, research, repeat
Rate participants. Easily follow up with great participants and invite previous matches to your next study.