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User Interviews for Enterprise

  • Instant insights from your target audience
  • Research that scales across the entire organization
  • Trusted by the world’s most customer-centric organizations
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You're in good company

A fast, collaborative research recruitment tool that enterprise teams love

Get unparalleled access to user insights for fast, effective decision-making.

Recruit niche audiences from our panel of over 4 million participants

Segment your own users for outreach with our powerful research CRM

Collaborate with the entire team using roles & permissions, collaborative drafts, team templates, group auto-scheduling, and more.

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Hear from our customers
Microsoft’s UX Research team uses Recruit to quickly find and schedule qualified research participants for targeted studies, using a mix of targeting and screener surveys to reach niche audiences such as teachers who use specific digital learning tools.
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Zendesk uses Hub to democratize access to customers and enable self-serve research recruiting. With Hub, they are getting more research done, saving 2.5 hours per project, consolidating five tools into one, and onboarding a team of 200+ researchers, PMs, and designers.
Read the Zendesk case study →
nCino uses User Interviews to streamline the research process, from recruiting and scheduling participants, to conducting interviews, and paying incentives. With the user-validated feedback they get from Hub, nCino has been able to bring products to market with confidence.
Read the nCino case study →

Enterprise features

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Security & privacy
Built for reliability and security, our platform uses best-in-class security and compliance practices, with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certifications.
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Participant network
Target niche consumer and professional segments from our network of over 4 million high-quality research participants.
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Research CRM
Powerful panel management and recruitment automation for teams running research with their own users at scale.
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Team management
Set guardrails and communication standards to support team-wide collaboration. Minimize the need for manual oversight with powerful admin features.
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Customer success
Your dedicated customer success manager is here to guide and support your team’s research practice through implementation, team onboarding and ongoing training.
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Research automation
Save time and resources with a tool that automates recruitment, screening, scheduling, and incentives—plus, is compatible with your existing research tool stack.
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Enterprise FAQs

Which User Interviews plan is right for my team?

Our plans and pricing are transparent with no hidden costs. You can find flexible research plans for any team. If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, book a 15-minute intro call with our research sales consultants. They'll be able to help you decide!

Which research methods does User Interviews support?

User Interviews supports mixed methods research! We’re the most open platform for research recruitment. With our growing suite of integrations, we’re compatible with any testing tool or research method. Learn more about how User Interviews can help you recruit for 1:1 interviews and moderated research, usability tests, and surveys.

Unlike “all-in-one” tools that offer limited methods for research, with User Interviews, you can recruit participants for studies that use your method of choice.

How can I ensure I get quality insights from User Interviews?

We do the work of building a high-quality, trustworthy panel so researchers always have a fresh pool of candidates for their studies. Our panel is 100% proprietary. We never buy audiences or source participants from third party panels. 

We have the most established and reliable panel with a 99% positive feedback rate and less than 0.3% fraud rate. We’ve recruited for over 650,000 research sessions, paid out over $39M in incentives, and have the most advanced matching algorithm and fraud detection on the market. Learn more about our research panel.

How do I know if User Interviews can source my target audience?

Today, we have over 4 million participants in our database, representing a diverse group of people. We are confident that we can recruit for most studies, even the niche ones! 

The best way to check the feasibility of your recruit is to launch a project. It only takes about 5 minutes, and you only pay once sessions are complete (no money upfront!) so it’s the best and easiest way to gauge feasibility. 

Our median time to your first qualified participant is under an hour, meaning you could get a real sense of our ability to recruit for your specific persona within a day. If you’re looking for a more general overview of User Interviews’ participants, download our Research Panel Report for key participant stats, data on our most-requested segments, and more information about how we source and vet high-quality participants.

Does User Interviews offer a free trial?

Recruit allows you to sign up and launch a project for free. You’ll only pay for completed sessions. We also offer pay-as-you-go plans for those running one-off projects. If your team does ongoing research, our subscription plans provide volume discounts.

If you’re interested in our Hub plans, speak with Sales to learn about limited free trials and supported pilots.