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Recruit survey participants

Get deep insight from our 4+ million pool of participants, or target segments of your own users.
  • Verified participants: precise targeting, screening & segmentation
  • Flexible audience: your users, our panel, or a mix of both
  • Mixed methods: supports qual, quant or hybrid surveys
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Recruit survey participants for deep user insights
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Go deep on professional targeting
Target audiences by specific demographics, job title, seniority, skills, industry, company size, and even software usage. 62% of surveys on our platform target roles and responsibilities, and 37% target product usage!
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Improve your participant response rate
Need to ask exploratory questions and collect in-depth responses from your target audience? User Interviews has the best panel for running qualitative, quantitative, or hybrid surveys.
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Human insight you can count on
With a best-in-class panel and customizable recruiting options, you can be sure that the survey responses you get are verified and reliably high-quality — no more canned ChatGPT or bot responses.
“User Interviews has quickly become an invaluable partner for our ongoing UX research needs. The amazing team of consultants has worked quickly and tirelessly with us to ensure high quality participants for our sometimes elusive target audience.”
Elizabeth Klann
Senior Design Researcher, ThinkCERCA
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Find niche, hard-to-reach segments

With advanced targeting, segmentation, and verification capabilities for recruiting survey respondents, you can make sure you’re reaching the right people.

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Sophisticated targeting

Looking for DevOps engineers? Or small business owners who work remotely and use your competitor’s product? We got you.

Verified participants

Need a perfect match? Ensure you’re recruiting the right people with segments, screener surveys, manual profile reviews, and social media verification.

Fast & reliable, every time

Our focus on panel quality and exceptional customer service mean the vast majority of recruiting projects are successfully completed on the first try.
Discover deep customer insights

Ask open-ended questions and get articulate user feedback that can deeply inform the direction of your product.

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Access rich profile and screener data

More data for more insights, at no extra cost. User Interviews doesn’t charge you for appended data on your survey participants.

Ask clarifying questions

Want to dig deeper into survey responses? Ask participants clarifying questions with our messaging feature.

Run follow-up research projects

Star your best survey participants and automate follow-up interviews with them. Keep a global record of participation across all studies and methods.
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Explore our trusted recruitment tool for surveys
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Smart flow
  • Our recruitment process is simple for survey respondents and hands-off for researchers.
  • It adapts to the unique design of your research study and can flex up with screeners, manual approval, NDAs, and more.
  • Participant comms, tracking, and incentives are fully automated.
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Bulk actions
  • Move cohorts of participants through the research experience with one click.
  • Message participants, mark surveys complete, and pay out incentives one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Funnel and summary views make progress tracking simple—even for surveys with hundreds of respondents.
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Tool integrations
  • Turn on integrations to connect User Interviews to your team’s favorite research tools.
  • Your study moves seamlessly from recruiting to surveying with our open, flexible, and truly method-agnostic platform.
  • Choose any best-of-breed tool and plug it in to UI to get the highest-quality insights from the right users.
Integrate with popular survey tools

Streamline research with our growing suite of integrations. We plug right into your tool stack, so you can source the highest quality survey respondents and automate participant tracking across all your favorite research software.

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Survey FAQs

What are surveys?

Surveys are a set of questions used to collect data from a target audience for UX research, market research, or other forms of research. Surveys can be quantitative or qualitative (or both) and used at any stage of the product development lifecycle. 

Researchers love surveys because they’re a relatively easy and inexpensive form of research, and have the potential to reach large audiences in a short amount of time. They’re also a great option for automating ongoing data collection for continuous research. But don’t let this simplicity fool you—you still need to adhere to survey best practices in order to collect valid, usable insights. 

Note: On this page, we’re referring to surveys as a UX research method. If you’re interested in our tools for screener surveys, you can read about screeners here instead.

How do you conduct a successful survey for UX research?

Tips for conducting successful surveys include:

  • Avoid bias and leading questions to prevent skewing your data
  • Keep your survey as short as possible to prevent drop-off
  • Use skip logic to eliminate irrelevant questions when possible
  • Ensure that response options are mutually exclusive to avoid confusion
  • Include an “other” response option as often as possible to capture unexpected data

Learn more about surveys, including their pros and cons, best practices for designing surveys, and how to recruit survey participants, in the Surveys Chapter of our UX Research Field Guide.

How do you recruit qualified participants for a survey?

Participant recruitment for surveys is easy with User Interviews! Potential participants can sign up to join our proprietary Recruit panel and get matched with studies based on key criteria like demographics, professional experience, and technical skills. If you have your own panel you’d like to recruit from, our top-rated panel management solution Research Hub can help you manage that too.

Other methods for survey recruitment include posting Craigslist ads, sharing links to survey applications on social media, or contracting a recruiting agency. However, these methods tend to be more time-consuming and less reliable than a tried-and-tested platform like User Interviews.

How much should you pay a survey respondent?

People who participate in research are sharing valuable time, energy, and insight to the benefit of your team. Research incentives are a great way to say thank you to survey respondents and help them understand the value of their participation—but it can be tricky to determine how much to offer. 

The exact type and amount of incentive you offer will differ depending on the audience you’re recruiting from, the type of study you’re running, the length of the study, and more. If you’re not sure how much to pay survey participants, our UX Research Incentive Calculator can provide a customized, data-backed incentive recommendation.

Which survey tools do you recommend?

Even the best survey tools can’t provide great insights with sub-par recruitment, so we recommend choosing any best-of-breed survey tool and integrating it with User Interviews to get high-quality data from the right users. User Interviews already integrates with many of the survey tools you already know and love, such as SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Typeform.

Are paid online surveys legit?

Yes! Paid online surveys are a common way for researchers to collect data from their target audience, and for participants to make some extra cash at home. 

With more than 650,000 sessions completed and over $44 million in incentives distributed through our platform, User Interviews is a trusted platform for both participants and researchers. Learn more about who’s in our panel and how we source and vet participants to ensure quality.

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