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Powerful participant screener surveys

Find best-fit participants, every time. Our screener surveys are simple to build and can flex up for more complex screening.
  • Flexible & easy to build: Skip logic, automatic qualification, copy paste, drag & drop, and endless customizations for easy building.
  • Advanced features: Double screening and video uploads support highly-specific recruits and high-visibility research.
  • 98% positive feedback: Find the lowest fraud, highest quality, and best-fit participants for your study.

Fully customizable screener surveys

Multiple question types

Choose from multiple choice, pick one/pick any, and short/long answer questions to design the best flow and format for your screener.

Screener skip logic

Make the survey experience more personal for participants by customizing questions based on previous responses.

Grid questions

Build screeners faster and make it easier for participants to answer related questions by combining multiple questions into a single grid.
product shot of the UI builder for screener surveys showing 1) the pick one grid question type and 2) the long answer question type
stylized UI product shot of 1) the video screener upload screen and 2) a preview of an uploaded video response with question title and transcript

Advanced screening survey features

Evaluate participants confidently with more advanced screening—especially for hyper-specific recruits or just some extra assurance that you’re finding the lowest fraud, highest quality participants for your study.

Contact participants directly

Call, text, email, or message participants before approving them. Reach out to check screener answers, ask additional questions, or confirm a participant’s interest in joining your study.
Included in our double screening add-on.

Video screeners

Review video responses to a custom prompt before approving screener-qualified participants for your study.
Included in our double screening add-on (currently Recruit projects only).

Automatic or manual qualification

The choice is yours—choose automatic qualification for speed, or manual qualification for times when you want more control.
User Interviews is an “excellent tool for sourcing reliable candidates for your research study. I can screen candidates beforehand, and always get a good selection of people to choose from, no matter how specific my screener.”
-Product Manager, IT & Services
Source: G2.com, Inc.
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Easy survey screener builder

Past screener library

Easily reuse past screening surveys you or a teammate created—build off standard templates or reuse layouts for repeated rounds of similar research.

Bulk enter answer choices

Save time by pasting answer choices in bulk directly into the builder using command or control + v.

Drag & drop answer choices

Drag and drop to easily move and reorder answer choices for fast screener building and editing.

Find the perfect match for your research with powerful screener surveys in User Interviews

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Screener survey FAQs

What is a screener survey and why do I need one?
Screening surveys, or just “screeners,” are surveys people take before participating in a research study. They’re made up of a few questions, designed to weed out the folks who aren’t your intended audience and capture the ones who are.
What are screener surveys supposed to “screen” for?
Screeners filter for the participants who 1) can answer your research question and 2) have the specific targeting criteria needed to qualify for your study—usually a mixture of psychographics, behaviors, demographics, and geographics. Learn more about how to decide on your screening criteria.
How many questions should a screener survey be?
As a rough guideline, try to keep your screener short and sweet—we recommend fewer than 15 questions for the best completion rates. This gives your project the best chance of having plenty of qualified participants to choose from.
What kinds of questions are asked on a screening survey?
It all depends on the type of criteria you’re filtering for, but some examples of common screening questions are around industry/occupation, familiarity with a product or service, or frequency of performing specific tasks.
How do I write an effective screener?
Good screener surveys are precise and clearly worded, avoid leading or loaded questions, and manage the expectations of the survey taker—to name a few tips. Read about best practices (and common mistakes) and tips for building effective screeners.
What is screener survey skip logic?
Skip logic is a great way to customize your screener. You can use skip logic to customize which questions a participant sees, depending on their responses to a previous question. You can also use it to avoid leading people to certain answers to ensure you’re getting honest and accurate responses.
What is double screening?
Double screening is an add-on that lets you contact screener-qualified participants by email or phone, or review video responses to a custom prompt before approving them for your study.
What are video screeners?
Video screening is one of two double-screening options you can choose from. Researchers can automatically prompt qualified participants to upload a video of themselves answering a question during the screening step—the fastest insight into their experience on a topic.
What is the difference between manual and automatic participant review?

Manually reviewing and approving participants gives you more control over who can participate in your project—recommended in cases you have quota or balance needs, have questions in your screener requiring review, intend to use double screening, or need to confer with a teammate for approvals.

With automatic review, participants can be scheduled faster—those who are a 100% match to your screener and targeting characteristics will automatically be able to schedule themselves for your project.

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Screener resources

Need tips for building effective screener surveys? The devil is in the details. Taking the extra time to get it right can drastically improve your recruit.