Our Team

We're a distributed team on a mission to change how companies build products. We believe that consistent user feedback is key to success. Get in touch if you want to join us on this journey!

Dennis Meng

Washington, DC

Basel Fakhoury

Brooklyn, NY

Bob Saris

Somerville, MA

Melanie Albert

VP of Operations
Denver, CO

John-Henry Forster

VP of Product
Salem, MA

Jeff Baxendale

Principal Software Engineer
Cambridge, MA

Jessica Perelman

Senior Project Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

Erin May

VP of Marketing
Brooklyn, NY

Brendan Beninghof

Head of Sales
Stowe, VT

Brittany Rutherford

Senior Project Coordinator
Nashville, TN

Sarah Jackson

Project Coordinator
Long Beach, CA

Arleigh Atkinson

Software Engineer
Kansas City, MO

Brandon Benjamin

Paid Marketing Manager
Atlanta, GA

Mike DeWolf

Senior Software Engineer
Arlington, MA

Carrie Boyd

Content Creator
Atlanta, GA

Gabbie Blackman

Project Coordinator
Austin, TX

Caroline Cox

Support Specialist
Huntsville, AL

Steven PicoStark

Project Coordinator
Campbell, NY