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Automate your research scheduling

Set up your calendar, availability, and scheduling preferences once. Then focus on the research while our system automatically books the sessions for you.
  • One calendar to manage it all: a single source of truth across all your research projects
  • Set it and forget it: rules-based, automated scheduling
  • Integrated with your calendar: streamlined meeting links and moderator assignment
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Automated scheduling in action

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Continuous discovery
For product teams that prioritize keeping a strong pulse on user needs
Unlock ongoing research with your customers and make it a consistent part of your weekly routine:
  • Share a link to your up-to-date calendar, anytime, anywhere, so participants can book an open timeslot that respects your scheduling rules
  • Set it and forget it—easily manage research than spans a longer period of time
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Easy scheduling across multiple concurrent projects
For researchers who create multiple UI projects to manage quotas, or target different audiences
Take the pain out of managing multiple projects at once:
  • Turn on automated scheduling and let our system handle conflict management across projects
  • No manual coordination or comparison across calendars necessary
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Conduct online moderated studies fast
For product managers, designers, or researchers who prioritize research speed and efficiency
Talk to users often and answer specific research questions quickly, even with limited time and prep:
  • Save time with automatic scheduling—let us handle the logistics while you focus on the research
  • Streamline your tools and take care of all scheduling in the UI platform
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Global calendar syncing

One calendar to manage all projects

Your single source of truth across all projects

Integrate your Google calendar*, set your working hours and availability at the individual account level, and let us handle scheduling and session conflict management across multiple projects.
*Coming soon to Microsoft 365 Business accounts.

Easy scheduling with our calendar integrations

Streamline moderated research with our Google integration—sync your calendars to generate automatic meeting links and assign moderators to host each session.

Manual or automatic—the choice is yours

Choose automated scheduling for a hands-off approach to get sessions booked, or manual scheduling for times when you want more control over your calendar.
Automatic scheduling

Put your scheduling on autopilot

Scheduling you don’t have to think about. Set your availability and scheduling preferences once, and sit back as we handle the rest.

a product screenshot showing a researcher's calendar synced with the UI app, plus a participant view to the side that shows the time slot a participant can select

Rules based, automated scheduling

Set your project start and end dates, minimum scheduling notice, buffer time, start time increments, and max number of sessions per day. Our system will automate booking confirmed sessions within these guidelines.
Note: Currently available for 1:1 moderated projects with no collaborators, Google calendar only (coming soon to Microsoft 365 Business accounts).

Preview the participant experience

View the exact time slot options participants would see and have full confidence that your automatically generated sessions are 100% accurate before project launch.

Simple participant rescheduling

Things happen, but handling rescheduling is easy. Participants can reschedule their own sessions should a conflict arise—no researcher action required.

Try out automated scheduling for your next moderated study

Note: Currently available for Google calendar, 1:1 moderated projects with no collaborators
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    Connect your calendar & set your working hours
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    After project launch, turn on automatic scheduling
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    Set your scheduling preferences & preview participant timeslots
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    Never think about scheduling again 🎉
Purpose built for research

A more collaborative approach to scheduling

Coming soon! 
Research is a team sport, and we’re excited to bring more features to your collaborative workflows very soon. A sneak peek of what’s coming:

Automated scheduling for groups

Set your calendar preferences and we’ll automate scheduling across all of your projects and collaborators involved.

Session distribution options

Use the “collective” option for when all attendees are required, or “round robin” for when only one person of each role is needed in each session.

Collaborator roles

Designate teammates as moderators for each session, or as required attendees.
a product screenshot showing how one researcher can sync other researchers' calendars to their schedule view
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Coming up

Webinar: Scheduling 2.0

Sign up early for a full walkthrough of our revamped scheduling experience, brought to you by our product team. We’ll cover what’s recently released, as well as brand new scheduling collaboration features coming soon. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A too!

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