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User Interviews is the fastest way to recruit participants for product tests and market research.
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Why marketers and UX professionals trust us

Customizable audiences

Choose from pre-set demographic filters like age, gender, income, and geographic location. Include custom screener questions at no extra cost.

Vetted participants

We pre-screen each candidate to verify that they are real members of your target audience. You get the final say on which participants qualify for your study.

Automatic scheduling

You let us know what time slots you're available - we find participants that can make those times. No more emailing back and forth to find a time that works.

In-person or remote participation

With our national candidate pool, we can recruit participants for both remote and in-person studies. Just choose which type of study you want to run.

Simple and affordable pricing

No price quotes or monthly plans. Just three easy options.

$ 20

Per recruited participant

  • Custom screener questions
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Automatic reminders (sent to all parties)
  • 9am - 7pm customer support
Start Recruiting Participants

$ 30

Per recruited participant

  • All basic tier features
  • Advanced screener flow options
Start Recruiting Participants

$ 40

Per recruited participant

  • All premium tier features
  • Demographic quotas
  • Hands on support for additional requirements

Frequently asked questions

What types of studies do you recruit for?
We recruit participants for just about any type of qualitative market research. These studies include both in-person and remote studies. Types of projects that we've recruited for include: one-on-one interviews (remote and in-person), product usability tests (remote and in-person), focus groups, diary studies, and more.
How do you source your participants?
We've built a community of consumers who are interested in sharing their opinions to influence the development of new products. We reached these consumers through a number of different channels, including: college campuses, urban centers, Facebook, Craigslist, and other social media sites. After a consumer joins our community, he or she goes through a mandatory phone screening process before he or she is permitted to participate in any studies. This ensures that we are delivering thoughtful and articulate participants for our clients' studies.
How do I avoid "professional testers"?
We have several checks in place to make sure that you are getting genuine participants in your studies. First, every participant goes through a mandatory screening process before he or she is permitted to participate in any studies. Second, we regularly review participants' responses to screener questions on our site. If we see any discrepancies across surveys, we will blacklist the participant from future studies. Third, we currently limit the number of studies that a participant can join to 1 per month.
How do I know that your participants will show up?
Our aggregate no show rate is between 10-15%. Note: project's no show rate is highly correlated with the incentive amount. (Lower incentives lead to higher no show rates). We are regularly adding new features in order to reduce the no show rates. If you are conducting studies with an audience, we recommend over-recruiting by 10-15% or recruiting backup participants for your sessions. Note: we do not charge for any participants who fail to show up.
How quickly can you recruit candidates?
Most of our projects are fully recruited in less than 3 days. Projects looking for niche audiences may take longer.
Who can I contact if I have more questions?
You can email us at

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