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Send research incentives to anyone, anywhere

Reward participants for paid research studies in over 200 countries
  • 1,000+ global reward options with automatic currency conversion
  • Easy to send payments, quick to redeem, and simple to track spend
  • Branded, editable thank you emails with instant redemption links

Reward your participants, whoever they are

Over 200 countries

Send incentives to just about anyone—in over 200 countries, from your panel or ours, all localization handled by us.

Endless reward options

Participants can choose from hundreds of rewards including prepaid cards, gift cards, and charitable donations.

Easy to set up & redeem

Whether you’re paying 5 people or 500, incentives are quick to set up and easy to redeem with no account creation needed.

Flexible incentives for any kind of research

Data-backed incentive calculator

From students to executives, paid surveys to customer interviews, we cover incentives for every use case (and can help you calculate how much to pay).

Flex amounts up or down

Need to flex incentives up or down during recruitment or award bonuses? Adjust amounts per participant or for the whole project.

Personalized thank you emails

Autopay incentives or manage them manually—the choice is yours. We can also send branded, editable thank you emails on your behalf.
“It was so seamless. Once you set up and launch your study, you'll get a list of participants. The turnaround is super fast and super easy to message and pay incentives.”
— Matthew Morrison
UX Research Manager, Braze
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Send incentives to just about anyone. Available on every plan including free & pay-as-you-go.

Easy to set up and redeem

Choose your incentive amount and select automatic distribution when designing your study in User Interviews.
Incentives are flexible—adjust while recruiting, or pay bonuses to participants who go above and beyond.
As participants complete tasks, we’ll automatically send customizable thank you emails with redemption links.
That’s it! In just a few clicks, your participants will collect their chosen reward automatically converted to their local currency.
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Research incentives FAQs

How do I compensate research participants?
User Interviews makes it easy to compensate participants for paid research and paid surveys. When you choose automatic incentive distribution, your participants will receive redemption emails with a link to all their reward options after they complete research with you. Learn more about how incentives work in User Interviews.
Who can I pay research incentives to?
The short answer is that you can pay incentives to just about anyone with User Interviews! The longer answer is that we support over 200+ countries and can automate sending incentives to your own users with Research Hub, or to participants you’ve recruited from our panel with Recruit.
How much should I pay for research compensation?
Offering fair incentives will help you get a good response rate and encourage high quality participation. However, selecting an amount to offer can be tricky, as you need to account for different factors such as audience type, study length, and task complexity. Try our handy incentive calculator to get a data-backed incentive recommendation for every type of paid research study.
What kinds of incentives can I offer to research participants?
With User Interviews, you can offer participants a wide range of incentives including prepaid cards, gift cards to hundreds of retailers, and even charitable donations. The options participants have access to vary by country, and over 200 countries are supported. Learn more about incentive and currency options available.
Is it ethical to offer incentives for research participation?
Paying participants for their time and the valuable insights they offer is simply good (and standard) practice in the world of research. Offering incentives that are suitable for the audience and research task you’re recruiting for can actually help to reduce bias, attract the right audience, create trust, and enforce equity. Learn more about why incentives in research are non-negotiable and how to do fair UX research on a budget.
Are research and survey incentives considered taxable income for participants?
If your participants are U.S. residents and their yearly study payments total $600 or more, the IRS requires them to report those earnings on their tax returns. User Interviews helps with this process by securely requesting their information via a W-9 and filing 1099 forms with the IRS. For participants located outside the U.S. or participants who redeem incentives in currencies other than USD, we will request a W-8BEN form to verify that they’re ineligible to receive a 1099. Learn more about tax implications of participating in paid research studies.
How do participants find paid surveys and paid research studies?
Participants can browse our list of paid research studies to find and apply for paid surveys, online studies, and in-person research. They can filter by study formats, types, and popular professions to find studies that are relevant to them, and we’ll email paid studies that are a great match for their profile. Learn more about participating in research and taking surveys for money with User Interviews.
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