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Awkward Silences

A user research podcast
hosted by Erin May (VP Growth & Marketing)
and John Henry Forster (VP Product)

Welcome to Awkward Silences by User Interviews, where we interview the people who interview people. Listen as we geek out on all things UX research, qualitative data, and the craft of understanding people to build better products and businesses. Hosted by Erin May and JH Forster, VPs of growth/marketing and product at User Interviews.


Lastest Episode:

Awkward Silences

January 19, 2021

The Lone UXR: Being a UX Research Team of One with Izzy Nichols

Going it alone can be tough—but there are perks to solo work, too. Izzy Nichols walked us through how being a lone UX researcher can be good for leveling up your skills, taking the next step in your career, and finding out what you really want.

Carrie Boyd

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