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Get valuable insight from the right users. Recruit the best fit participants from our 4+ million panel, or target your own users.
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  • Set it and forget it: automated screening, scheduling, & incentives
  • Tool integrations: Zoom, Google, calendar integrations, & more
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Mixed methods recruiting

Recruit for interviews, usability tests, focus groups, and more

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1:1 user interviews
We’re big fans of this method (we even named our company after it!) for generating rich, qualitative user insights. Interview users to understand the deeper “why” behind their experiences, feelings, or preferences.
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Moderated usability testing
Put product prototypes and complex flows to the test. Observe participants think aloud as they progress through tasks, and follow up with questions to probe deeper into their thought process.
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Focus groups
Our panel powers live interactive discussion around any topic. Uncover spontaneous reactions or ideas from the group to inform potential product directions or opportunities.
“We got a quality recruit, were able to customize the process to meet our needs, and what's more, everything was handled—screener development, outreach, real-time updates on qualified respondents, communications, confirmations, calendering, and payments.”
-Jay T.
President & CEO
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Verified User in Small Business
Source: G2.com, Inc.
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Qualitative research panel

Source niche participants for high-depth research

We’ve built and vetted our panel specifically for contributing to rich conversations where quality and targeting really matter.

An illustrative depiction of a qualified participant beginning to fill out a screener survey

Hyper-targeted recruiting

Find the right user every time. Target job titles, skills, consumer behavior, product usage, and any custom criteria. Or, tap into segments of your own user base.

Detailed screening

Create custom screener surveys with a variety of question formats, programmable skip logic, and automatic qualification for maximum speed.

Double screening

Want to guarantee a perfect match? Contact participants with follow-up questions before approving them to join your study, and manually review their user profiles and social links.

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Automated workflow

Set and forget the not-so-fun parts of research

Take advantage of a workflow built for making moderated research easy, every step of the way.

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Simple scheduling

Connect your Google & Outlook calendar, set scheduling preferences, and let participants book themselves. Sync teammates’ calendars to collaborate on sessions.

Communication templates

Customize and automate all participant emails from invites, to confirmations, NDA signing, and incentives. When running research with your own audience, apply company branding.

Hands-off incentives

Automatically distribute incentives to participants as they complete sessions, or opt to handle incentives yourself—it’s your call.
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Tool integrations

Integrated with research and productivity tools

Streamline moderated research by connecting User Interviews with the tools your team already uses.

Calendar integrations

Sync Google and Outlook calendars for easy scheduling. Access your availability in the app as you’re picking timeslots, and automatically add sessions to your teammates’ calendars.

Meeting links & session tracking

Automatically generate Google and Zoom meeting links, and assign moderators to host each session. Streamline tracking for moderated usability testing with our Lookback and Loop11 integrations.

Document signing

Handling sensitive participant information? Our integration with Dropbox Sign makes it easy to collect signatures on NDAs, release forms, and other documents.

User Interviews. It’s kind of our thing.

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