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survey monkey + user interviews integration - Automate survey participant recruitment and tracking with the new User Interviews and SurveyMonkey integration.

User Interviews + SurveyMonkey: Recruiting for Surveys Made Easy

Automate survey participant recruitment and tracking with the new User Interviews and SurveyMonkey integration.

User Interviews now integrates with SurveyMonkey!

We know that surveys are an important part of any mixed methods researcher’s toolkit. We also know that recruiting, managing, and tracking a large number of participants isn’t easy… but it should be.

That is why we are so excited about this particular integration, which seriously expands researchers’ ability to run surveys with a large number of respondents, while automating recruitment and maintaining a system of record for all participant data. 

screenshot of user interviews + survey integration; send customer satisfaction surveys directly from the user interviews platform

How it works

No Zapier required: Directly connect your UI and SurveyMonkey accounts to enable a simple end-to-end study workflow:

  1. Recruit and manage participants with User Interviews
  2. Link out to your survey on SurveyMonkey
  3. Let our integration handle activity tracking across the two tools

User Interviews will surface all of the valuable information like survey status and links to completed surveys, so you can easily track progress, mark participants complete, pay out incentives, and get to insights faster.

surveymonkey + user interviews integration - automate participant tracking when running studies with survemonkey

Connect to SurveyMonkey from your integrations page

To get started from our integrations page: 

  1. Log into your User Interviews account
  2. Click on your username at the top right of the screen
  3. Select “Integrations” from the dropdown menu.

⭐️ Integrations are available on any User Interviews plan. Get started for free.

Why turn on this integration?

When running large-scale surveys, it simply isn’t feasible to manually cross-check hundreds of participants across multiple tools. With our integration, participant tracking is fully automated so you really can set it and forget it. 

You can conduct surveys with confidence knowing that we’re capturing all of the data you need to move your study forward, and making it accessible in real-time from a single place within the User Interviews interface.

More integrations on the roadmap

This is just one of many integrations on our 2022 roadmap that will make User Interviews meaningfully connected to—and truly compatible with—a wide range of research tools and methods: interviews, focus groups, multi-day studies, surveys, concept and usability tests. 

We’ll be launching many more one-click integrations in the upcoming months, making User Interviews the most open, automated, and data-rich panel management solution that’s ready to plug into any research tool stack.

Have questions about our SurveyMonkey integration? Read our support guide to learn more.

Zoe Nagara
Senior Director, Product Marketing
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