Talk to your users in 75% less time
Our all-in-one research platform is your source of truth for participant management and replaces 5+ tools.
Automate scheduling, messages, and annoying logistics
Build your own panel to recruit for user research projects
Track participant research activity in one place
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dashboard view of research hub participants and the sidebar navigation
Time Savings
Automate your research, end to end
Recruiting, scheduling, and contacting participants used to mean hours of jumping between tools. With Research Hub, you can automate your team's research workflows.
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Schedule automatically
Let participants schedule themselves for times that work for you. Connect Zoom and automatically generate and send unique links to confirmed participants.
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Message participants
Send triggered or one-time updates and reminders. Never lose track of a conversation.
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Run any type of research, with tools you already use
Work with any design, conferencing, or other tools you want. Leave the logistics to us.
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Automate incentives
Choose to automatically distribute incentives in your selected amount, and participants can redeem their reward in the form of dozens of digital gift cards. Or, handle incentives yourself if you prefer.
Panel Creation
Build your panel
Add users to Research Hub via CSV upload, send custom email invitations for specific studies, or create an invite link you can share anywhere.
Customize an opt-in form and build your panel while you sleep 😴.
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a detail view of adding users to research hub via opt-in forns with an illustration of that window being sent to participants
screenshots of participant details when you open up their record
panel management
Find the right participants in a few clicks
Research Hub tracks survey answers, research history, messages, and incentives—plus any custom fields you add—so you'll know exactly which folks to talk to next.
collaboration Tools
Teamwork makes the (research) dream work
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Collaborate seamlessly
Teammates can comment, edit projects, schedule participants, and more.
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Schedule with ease
Connect multiple calendars to find session times that work for everyone.
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Invite the whole team
No seat limits. Shared research is impactful research.
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You care about privacy. So do we.
We’re SOC 2 certified and committed to helping companies everywhere align themselves with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.
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"We really like being able to use our own customers as participants—this has proven to be super successful for us, and really easy to use."
Brandie Smith
Senior User Researcher at Metromile
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