Building Effective Feedback Loops For User-Centric Product Development

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023
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As Product Managers, we believe our roadmaps reflect customer feedback—but we don’t always have easy access to the data we need to know for sure.

When we do get insights from our customers, we don't always have good communication channels in place to take advantage of this wealth of user data.

Watch this expert on-demand webinar where we show you how to develop an effective ongoing customer feedback process to fuel product innovation and growth. 

You’ll learn how to:

🏃 Create fast and effective channels for customer feedback
💡 Bring customer feedback and user insights into your product development process 
🔄 Build and sustain automated, continuous feedback loops over time

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Featured Speakers

Carol Guest
Senior Director of Product Management
User Interviews
Headshot photograph of Kirsty Finlayson wearing a hat with a black background
Kirsty Finlayson
Director of Content and Product Marketing

With User Interviews, it's simple to run high-quality research with your target audience.

User Interviews is the only tool that lets you source, screen, track, and pay participants from your own panel, or from our network of 4M+ participants.

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