Connecting Research to Revenue

A special on-demand episode of the Awkward Silences podcast.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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“Impact” can mean different things to different teams: stakeholder alignment, shipping better products, increasing customer centricity. But what about a core component of any business: the total amount of money generated from a company’s primary operations?

This kind of impact—revenue impact—is what Claudia Natasia thinks more UX teams can and should focus on. Before she founded her current company, Riley AI, Claudia worked in finance, where concepts like revenue, operating margin, profits, and arbitrage rule.

She joins Erin May and Carol Guest for a special live episode of the Awkward Silences podcast. Claudia discusses what it means to create “revenue impact” from user insights, as well as:

🗺️ The importance of taking a broad view when planning for impact
📊 Triangulating sources of data to measure UX research impact
🤝 Structuring a team—and collaborating with others—for revenue impact

Watch this on-demand episode and plan to leave with a blueprint for creating business-relevant impact with your research.

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Black and White Headshot of Claudia Natasia
Claudia Natasia
Co-Founder & CEO
Riley AI
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Erin May
Senior VP of Marketing
User Interviews
Carol Guest
Senior Director of Product Management
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