Don’t Overcomplicate It: Getting Started with Continuous Discovery Research

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023
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When User Interviews spoke to researchers about how their teams are doing continuous discovery research, we realized something important: Nobody has this sh*t perfectly figured out.

And that’s okay! The goal of doing continuous discovery isn’t perfection—it’s about staying close to the user to build user-centric products and services.

Or as Marvin's CEO and Co-Founder, Prayag Narula put it:

“Talk to your users. It’s not our job to tell them how to use our product. It’s our job to build something that fits into their world and solves problems seamlessly. We can’t do that without continuous discovery and conversation.”

In this webinar, Marvin and User Interviews team up to talk about the transformative power of continuous discovery, who should do this work, creating a culture that prioritizes discovery, and adaptable frameworks and strategies for getting started.

Because the key is to just get started. Don’t overthink it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Talk to your users. (Like, yesterday.)

Join Prayag Narula and Paolo Appley, Group Product Manager at User Interviews where they:

🔄 Discuss what continuous discovery research is and what it can look like in different organizations
🔎 Share advice for building a culture that prioritizes discovery
📝 Provide practical tips for recruiting users, note-taking during interviews, quick analysis and synthesis, sharing insights with your team, and more

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Featured Speakers

Headshot of Prayag Narula
Prayag Narula
CEO and Co-Founder
Headshot of Paolo Appley wearing a blue button up shirt
Paolo Appley
Group Product Manager
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