Behind the Scenes: The State of User Research 2023 Survey and Report

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Thursday, August 17, 2023
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A candid look at the 5th annual State of User Research report from start to finish.

Now in its 5th year, our annual State of User Research Report unpacks the findings from a global survey of UX researchers, ReOps specialists, designers, product managers, and other people who do research.

Delve deeper with the creators of the report in this enriching 1-hour on-demand webinar. Content Director Katryna Balboni, Senior User Experience Researcher Morgan Mullen, and Senior VP of Marketing & Growth Erin May share the methodology behind the highly-anticipated survey and its analysis, explain how the report came together (in just 10 weeks!), and explore the top insights they uncovered about the UXR industry in 2023. 

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🔎 Insider perspectives: Discover how this essential industry survey was designed, distributed, analyzed, and turned into an engaging report; how the process has evolved over the years; the lessons we learned; and the ways we’re planning to improve and iterate in 2024.  

💡 Key takeaways: Hear from the creators about their favorite, most illuminating insights and why they matter.

❓ Q&A with the creators: Dive into 2023 trends, the creator's opinions on using AI, surprising insights from the report, and more.

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Featured Speakers

headshot for Katryna Balboni, a woman with brown hair posing with yellow sunglasses on
Katryna Balboni
Head of Creative Content & Special Projects
User Interviews
Morgan Mullet Headshot
Morgan Mullen
Lead UX Researcher
User Interviews
headshot for erin may, a woman with blonde hair posing in front of a dark brick background and smiling at the camera
Erin May
Senior VP of Marketing
User Interviews

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