User Research Recruitment Strategies

Go from good to great recruiting with these pressure-tested tactics

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
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Finding participants to connect with for interviews, testing, and surveys—good 😀

Finding verified participants who match key criteria critical for your needs fast—great 🥳

Chris Simons has helped hundreds of companies find their ideal customers—both consumers and professionals—fast. His experience has given him a knack for identifying, screening, and verifying participants for just about every study type, both moderated and unmoderated.

Chris is joined by Annie Mayfield for an in-depth look at how to translate these strategies into action using the User Interviews platform.

Watch on-demand to:

⚖️ Learn the balancing act of screener design art and audience targeting science
💡 Grab ideas for streamlining recruitment logistics, saving precious project time
🚀 See how to put theory into practice using the User Interviews Recruit tool

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Headshot photograph of Chris Simons wearing a white shirt with a tree in the background.
Chris Simons
Customer Success Manager
User Interviews
Photograph of Annie Mayfield wearing a black shirt with greenery in the background.
Annie Mayfield
Account Executive
User Interviews

With User Interviews, it's simple to run high-quality research with your target audience.

User Interviews is the only tool that lets you source, screen, track, and pay participants from your own panel, or from our 4.1-million-strong network.

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