Devin Harold

Head of UX Research for Consumer Digital Channels | Verizon

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Devin (he/him) is an advocate for human centered experiences, ethical research, and facilitative leadership. One of Devin’s favorite things is understanding people; how they think, what their goals are and what challenges they face. He has a lot of experience working with business partners and designers to develop strategies aimed at solving for unmet needs and empowering people to do more. 

He’s been in the UX field for 10 years, with over 4 of those years as a people leader. Currently,  he’s a Senior Manager of UX Research at Verizon, leading a matrixed user research team dedicated to consumer digital journeys and touchpoints including dotcom, app and conversational channels.  

Previously, Devin led design efforts for Dodge, Hyatt, Atkins, Kaplan, Ingersoll Rand and others through agency engagements.

Devin is also a Guest Lecturer & Critic at Carnegie Mellon University, a local leader of the Interaction Design Foundation, and a member of the InVision Design Leadership Forum. He created the 7-step IMPACTS Framework to help researchers drive more strategic impact.

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100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People by Susan Weinschenk, PhD