Georgia Rakusen

Independent Researcher

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Georgia Rakusen headshot - black and white photo of woman with glasses and shoulder-length brown hair in white collared shirt

Georgia (she/her) is one of the most experienced UX researchers working in the web3 and cryptocurrency space, where she strives to place the user at the heart of decision-making for teams building the next version of the internet. 

With a background in research at more traditional technology companies and agencies, she now supports organizations and teams within the web3 ecosystem to understand their users through discovery research, training and advocacy. 

Projects and companies she’s worked with include: ConsenSys, MetaMask, MakerDAO, Filecoin, Gitcoin, Rarible, dHedge, Totle, Endaoment and DeepWork. 

In addition to running research for product teams, she educates builders through a research coaching program, and spends much of her time evangelizing for the voice of the consumer in the web3 space.

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Think Like A UX Researcher by David Travis