Holly Cole

CEO & Founder | ResearchOps Community

Most likely to make 'fetch' happen
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Holly’s (they/she) catchphrase is “My users are my coworkers.” She loves to both hear and tell a good story, so don’t get her going unless you’re prepared to have seven conversations at once that don’t seem to relate to each other until the end. 

All that translates well into her passion for tools, governance, and process for research activities that allow everyone to do better research with the people they make things for, wherever they work or study. 

She is the current co-chair, an original team member, and CEO of the ResearchOps Community and its industry-defining movement—now at 11k+ members and still going strong. She also runs their associated ReOps Conferences. She’s a Research Director and she’s held many roles as a leader, manager, strategist, consultant, and industry analyst in B2B user research and product development strategy. Additionally, Holly mentors new UXers through NYC UXPA and MentorCruise. 

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