Michelle Chin

Design Advocate | zeroheight

Best at creating just the right amount of process
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Michelle (she/her) is a DesignOps leader and design system enthusiast with roots in UX, product design, and design management. 

She transitioned to DesignOps because she fell in love with clearing paths for designers to do their very best work. Michelle strongly believes in just the right amount of process, working iteratively, creating operational efficiencies, and maintaining a growth mindset. 

As a Design Advocate, she serves the design community through knowledge sharing, building bridges, and identifying community needs and solutions. She loves talking shop about design systems, accessibility, globalization, and mentorship. 

Outside of work, she loves hiking and camping, driving her Ford Fiesta ST, scuba diving, and eating ramen. She also spends time mentoring and coaching marginalized and underrepresented people in their design careers.. Michelle lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two cats.

Her mantra is: “Make things better.”

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