Pierce Otlhogile-Gordon, PhD

Director, Equity Innovation Studio | Think Rubix LLC

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Dr. Otlhogile-Gordon (he/him) is an innovation catalyst, researcher, facilitator, and evaluator, impassioned by the space between transformation and liberation.

Dr. Otlhogile-Gordon has taught courses in design, evaluation, international development, and equity across four continents, co-designed partnerships, products, and services with local and international changemakers to support social change, and researched the complexity, evaluation, and emergence of design and innovation across the world.

His past experiences include conducting ethnographic analyses and facilitation projects in the Botswana Innovation ecosystem; co-founding Reflex Design Collective, an equity design consultancy that's worked for creative social justice in the Bay Area; and serving as the Inaugural Innovation Fellow in Residence at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

Dr. Otlhogile-Gordon—who holds a B.S. in Applied Physics from Morehouse College, and an M.A. and PhD in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley—is currently the Director of the Equity Innovation studio at Think Rubix, a Black-led social innovation consultancy shaping our collective futures.

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