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We exist to help teams discover user insights; we believe fast access to quality participants is the key to that discovery. In fact, we don't just believe it—we know it. We know it because we listen to our customers and you tell us how game changing speed to insight is. We know it because our company wouldn't exist without talking to customers.
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3 Co-founders, 2 companies, 1 UI

We're a distributed team on a mission to change how companies build products. We believe that consistent user feedback is key to success. We know, because our first company flopped—read our origin story.

And our story gets even more exciting—we're proud to announce our $27.5M Series B to help companies become more user centric by doing research, fast.
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UItes are alright

Humble but confident. Independent but collaborative. There's no one set UI-type. And that's what makes our team so special.
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"The kind, thoughtful, and smart people at User Interviews are incredibly engaging to work with. There’s always something new to learn and I can’t imagine a better team."
Wen Z. (she/her)
Senior Product Designer
"I love working at User Interviews! The work life balance here is great — since I don’t have a commute, I’m able to spend extra time every morning with my wife and baby boy."
Drew B. (he/him)
Lead Software Engineer
New York
"User Interviews is basically a group of smart people tackling a ton of complex, interesting problems and having a lot of fun in the process."
Kristina M. (she/her)
Director of Consumer Marketing

Leadership Team

The User Interviews leadership team sets the strategic direction for the company, influenced heavily by customer insight and internal feedback and dialog.  

This month we asked our leadership, “what is a fandom you’re a part of?”
See what they have to say below:
Basel Fakhoury
CEO & Co-founder
Brooklyn, NY
Fan of: the NBA
Dennis Meng
CPO & Co-founder
Washington, DC
Fan of: Dragonball Z
Bob Saris
CTO & Co-founder
Philadelphia, PA
Fan of: Philly sports
Jess Klek
Fan of: F1! Team Ferrari!
Erin May
SVP, Marketing & Growth
Maplewood, NJ
Fan of: Aaron Sorkin shows
Nabil Syed
SVP, Operations
Los Angeles, CA
Fan of: Harry Potter
Tucker Hutchinson
VP, Customer Development
Portland, OR
Fan of: Portlandia
Shonda Williams
VP, People & Talent
Chicago, IL
Fan of: Beyonce
Sherwin Yu
VP, Engineering
Berkeley, CA
Fan of: The Expanse
Aimee Halbert
General Counsel
Mahwah, NJ
Fan of: Harry Potter
Kevin Mershon
VP, Finance
Waynesville, NC
Fan of: Battlestar Galactica
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Looking for the whole team? Fair warning: biggest company in the world.
Meet all the UItes.
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Team spotlight: engineering
CTO and co-founder Bob Saris shares how the engineering team at UI developed a system to organize business logic in our code base.

How do you begin to describe a company culture in a few words?

We are fully remote and always* have been. We care, we work hard, we’re customer obsessed (but not in a weird way), curious, maybe a little quirky? OK so we’re kind of nerds if you want to know the truth.

Remote requires autonomy, self-starting, trust, top-down and bottoms-up alignment, intentional communication. So we focus on those things. We embrace what makes you you, not drinking Kool-Aid.
*Technically we had a small office inside our investor’s office, inside Hubspot’s office, in Cambridge with about 6 employees in the early days. We’ve been fully remote since 2018.
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Learning stipend
Keep learning. We offer an annual learning stipend of $500 for education-related purchases such as books, course registrations, industry memberships, or conference fees.
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Office stipend

In addition to a laptop (and some pretty sweet swag) we’ll send your way when you start, you have $250 for office accessories to help you work in productive comfort.
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401k contribution

We’ll top off your 401k with $200 per month—regardless of your contribution—to help fuel that sweet, sweet compounding growth.
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Equity options

1 year cliff. 4 year vest. Get in on the ground-ish floor of our sustainably growing startup, and own a stake in our success.
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Fully-covered health insurance options

We have options that cover 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance. You’ll also get free membership with One Medical and Talkspace!
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Paid time away

We know unlimited is controversial. We don’t offer it. Instead you own your days to take, accrue, or get cash back for when you leave. You also get unlimited wellness days. We have competitive parental and family leave policies too.
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Fully, totally remote

Before the world forced us all into it, we chose to be fully remote. If remote appeals to you, you probably don’t need us to sell you on its benefits. If you’re on the fence, check out some of our remote working tips.
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Company retreats
We host a big in-person retreat each year—with a virtual option. It's a great opportunity to break from the day-to-day and get some IRL face time with everyone.
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Flexible work

Work where you want, in an environment that works for you. Work when you want, as long as you have some overlap with the team. We try to mix synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
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