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August 20, 2020

15 User Experience Research Statistics to Win Over Stakeholders

Winning over stubborn stakeholders can be an uphill battle for UX researchers. Here are 15 statistics to back you up.

Carrie Boyd

User research is absolutely essential to creating products that customers love. But many people who do research, whether they’re designers, product managers, or dedicated researchers, feel that they’re not doing enough research. In our State of User Research Report, we found that 80% of people who do research feel like they could be doing more research. 

So today, we’re going to break down the most common objections to doing research using cold, hard, stats. These will help you show your team that research is worth the time, budget, and effort to make a better case for research.

The best stories about user research

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“We don’t have the budget to spend on a research project”

  1. The cost of fixing an error after development is 100x that of fixing it before development - The ROI of User Experience, Dr. Susan Weinschenk
  2. Companies identified as CX leaders were 3x more likely to exceed their top business goals. - 2020 Digital Trends, Adobe
  3. By correcting usability problems during the design phase of their website, American Airlines reduced the cost of those fixes by 60-90%. - The Business Value of User Experience, Infragistics
  4. Every dollar invested in UX brings $100 in return. This is an average figure, but it’s a ROI of an impressive 9,900%. - Forbes
  5. Jared Spool worked with a major retailer to increase the number of customers purchasing by 45%. The change, driven by research, generated an extra $15 million in revenue in the first month. - The $300 million button, Jared Spool
  6. Visit-to-lead conversions can be 400% higher on sites with a “superior user experience” - The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX, Forrester

“We don’t have enough time to do research”

  1. Testing with just 5 users can uncover 85% of usability problems - Why You Only Need To Test With 5 Users, Nielsen Norman Group
  2. When organizations invest in UX during a project’s concept phase, they reduce product development cycles by 33 to 50%. - Improve Customer Experience with UX Investments that Increase ROI, Interaction Design Foundation
  3. Developers spend 50% of their time on avoidable rework. - The ROI of User Experience, Dr. Susan Weinschenk
  4. If you recruit 10 participants per month, recruiting with a tool like User Interviews can save you 108 hours annually. - The User Interviews Cost Savings Calculator, based on data from Glassdoor and Nielsen Norman Group. 

“We already know our users well; we don’t need to do research”

  1. Through conducting user research to better understand their customers’ needs, then using those insights to increase the satisfaction of their most profitable customers, United Airlines doubled the number of daily sessions and increased online ticketing by 200%. - The Business Value of User Experience, Infragistics
  2. Even if you think you already know your users, focusing on learning their needs and fulfilling them can help you increase prices. Companies that make customer experience a priority can charge a premium of up to 16% for their products and services. - The Future of CX, PWC
  3. 53% of consumers feel brands fail to meet their experience standards - Closing the CX Gap, Acquia
  4. Not doing research could leave you behind your competitors. 65% of enterprise experience employees said there has been an increase in demand for UX research in the past 12 months. - The State of UX in Enterprise 2019, UserZoom.
  5. When Nielsen Norman Group tested two navigation schemes for an ecommerce website, they saw an 80% success rate with the navigation scheme that was structured according to research about the customer’s mental models vs. a 9% success rate with the navigation scheme structured according to the team’s internal thinking. - Do Interface Standards Stifle Design Creativity?, Nielsen Norman Group

Next time your stakeholders make excuses about why right now isn’t the right time for research, these stats can help you show that research is incredibly valuable to the product development process, and to your company’s bottom line. User research can help your team build better products, feel more connection with your users, and most importantly, help increase revenue. It’s not an extra step in the process, it’s an integral part of it!

Carrie Boyd

Content Creator

Carrie Boyd is a Content Creator at User Interviews. She loves writing, traveling, and learning new things. You can typically find her hunched over her computer with a cup of coffee the size of her face.

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