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We’re building a network of peers in the research space who share our mission of helping teams to get high-quality insights, fast.

Join our partner program to collaborate on events and content, integrate with our platform, and build a stronger research community, together.

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We’re committed to building the most open and compatible platform for research recruitment. We offer a growing suite of integrations with tools like Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and Sprig, so teams can choose the best tool for their research while benefiting from access to our top-rated participants and panel software.

We’re also exploring integrations with tools for research & insights, CRM, and data warehousing. Talk to us about how an integration with your product will create a better experience for researchers and participants.
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Apply to our integrations program by giving us some information about your product and the type of integration you wish to pursue.

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We’ll use this info to route your request to the right team, and a PM will reach out to discuss requirements and share technical documentation.

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If accepted, you’ll be connected with our product squad to help with the process of building, submitting and QAing the integration.

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Lastly, collaborate with our go-to-market team on launching the integration to customers, including co-marketing, referrals, and sales enablement.

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“Our integration with User Interviews empowers Research, Product, Design teams to test with the right user at the right moment whether that be with your own users or a panel. User Interviews' dedication to high-quality participants matches with our dedication to high-quality research.”
-Ryan Glasgow, CEO at Sprig
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Explore Marketing Partnerships

We offer a dynamic program of events, webinars, and publications, and we love to collaborate with like-minded folks in the research community. There are myriad ways to get involved—speaking opportunities, content collaboration, channel partnerships, and more.

Check out our recent YouX Conference, User Research Yearbook, State of User Research Report, and UX Research Tools Map to get inspired.

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Events & webinars

Co-host, sponsor, or present at one of our upcoming events or webinars. Or, get in touch about an industry event you’re planning to request a speaker from UI.
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Reports & content

Pitch us an idea for a joint report, content swap or guest post. We love co-creating content in all forms—reports, guides, ebooks, blog posts, and more.
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Awkward Silences podcast

Awkward Silences is where we interview the people who interview people. Get in touch if you’d like to geek out on air about all things UX research and building better products.
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Channel partnerships

Building an audience that would find UI valuable? Working on a complementary product or service? Talk to us about referral, co-selling, and reselling opportunities.
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Community partnerships

Do you run a community that serves the research, design, or product space? Talk to us about partnerships that will help grow and strengthen both our communities.
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Pitch a partnership

We love building relationships with folks in research! Fill in our marketing partnerships form and tell us what you have in mind.

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