Sina Schreiber

UX Researcher & Content Strategist | Condens

Most organized project manager
sina Schreiber headshot - woman with long dark hair and glasses against a background of yellow foliage

Sina (she/her) is a UX Researcher with a background in social media strategy, digital transformation, and graphic design. 

After working as a social media strategist—managing a network of over 100 social media managers with more than 600 social media channels on different platforms worldwide—Sina took a step back to reflect on her strengths. 

This moment of reflection is what inspired her to move into UX, where she could use her empathy and curiosity about different cultures and innovative technologies in order to help international teams create more meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and functional designs.

She is excited by innovative technologies with the potential to create a more sustainable, more inclusive, more equal, and more supportive world. She sees well-founded, thoughtful user research as the key to user-centered products. 

She is currently a UX Researcher & Content Strategist at Condens. Before deep-diving into any project she makes sure to question herself ‘Why am I doing this?’, ‘Why is it important?’ and ‘For whom?’ 

Outside of work, Sina enjoys yoga, kickboxing, volunteering, and cooking vegetarian versions of her childhood favorites.

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Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior by Indi Young