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What our readers say

"Yours is the only product newsletter I actually look forward to reading, and definitely the only one that makes me laugh out loud."

— Jane M., Senior UX Designer

"I just wanted to say that I REALLY enjoy your newsletters. This is probably the only newsletter I read consistently and enjoy it."

— Daniel E., Senior User Researcher

"Your emails are always a breath of fresh air."

— Carly K., UX Research Manager

"You are fast becoming my favourite newsletter. Keep up the great work!"

— Olivier T., Director of Research

"You write the best email newsletters I can remember reading in many, many years. They’re fun, creative, researched and always transition so well into whatever topics you’re promoting. And I often learn something, too!"

— Noah W., Senior UX Researcher

"I absolutely love these newsletters and have found these articles extremely informative. 🙌 They are particularly helpful for me and my team as we don't yet have a dedicated user research team."

— Raemarie L., Product Designer

"Thank you for doing such awesome things at UI. I love watching this team shine and bring so many incredible resources to our industry. You're making an important impact! I know my teams have benefited so much from your work."

— Aiden H., UX Research Leader

"Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every week."

— Vince C., Principal Interaction Designer