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How can collaborators connect their calendars to a project?

View your team's availability right inside User Interviews.

written by
JP Allen
Last updated:
April 7, 2020

For any project, you can see collaborators' availability at a glance, allowing you to schedule participants faster and find times that work for your team.

Feature benefits

  • Schedule participants around your team's schedule.
  • Show/hide individual teammates' availability.

How it works

To view a project's calendar, head to the project and click Manage availability in the lefthand menu:

Click the green button on the right to connect your own calendar (Google or Outlook) if you'd like.

To show or hide connected calendars, click the checkboxes next to each collaborator's name.

More details

  • If a teammate has connected a calendar with a project they launched in the past, you’ll be able to see their availability without having to invite them first.
  • If you invite someone who isn’t on User Interviews (or doesn't have edit access to the project), they’ll be automatically prompted to create an account and/or join your project.
  • Instead of displaying event titles, the calendar only shows each teammate’s name. This makes it easy to see whose events are whose, and avoids sharing any embarrassing "take cat for manicure" events. (Your secret’s safe with us.)
  • If you're the project owner, you can choose to automatically send calendar invites to collaborators for confirmed sessions.
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