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How can I automate scheduling for my active projects?

written by
Courtney Webster
Last updated:
August 30, 2023

Individual researchers can now set their own account-level availability, which enables automated scheduling for 1:1 projects that are connected with Google Calendars. This is our first step in revamping our scheduling experience to bring researchers an automatic, rules-based, “set it and forget it” approach to scheduling

Setting your availability

At the individual account level

1. Select “Availability” from your account dropdown.

2. To set your availability range for your working hours, you can view your calendar by month, week, or day, and use the right sidebar to indicate your available days and hours. This setting applies to the individual account level and will affect all 1:1 projects launched without collaborators.

After project launch

1. Select “Manage schedule” in the “Manage availability” section.

2. Use the right sidebar to indicate your minimum scheduling notice and use the calendar to set your availability manually. To learn more about updating your calendar, check out our guide here.

Setting up automated scheduling

1. Select “Automatic” from the “Scheduling type” dropdown in the “Manage availability” tab.

2. Set the project:

  • Start and end dates
  • Minimum scheduling notice
  • Buffer time
  • Start time increment

If you want to dedicate only part of your day to research, you can set a max number of sessions per day to limit how many sessions participants can book.

Our system will automate booking confirmed sessions within these guidelines.

💡 Note: Automated scheduling features are not currently available for projects with collaborators. (This feature is coming soon!)

The system will notify you that automated scheduling features are currently unavailable for group projects when you add a collaborator.

When you make this switch, the system will no longer provide automated scheduling features, but any confirmed sessions will remain. You will need to set your availability manually once collaborators are added.

Preview automated scheduling

The new preview experience gives researchers confidence by providing visibility into what participants see when coming across your automated schedule. To view this, simply click “Preview participant view” from your calendar.

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