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How do I use the Google integration to sync my calendar and create Google Meet links?

written by
Zoe Nagara
Last updated:
March 17, 2022

If Google Meet as is your video conferencing tool of choice, you can now streamline the creation of meeting links with our Google integration. Google Meet is the second most used video conferencing tool favored by researchers on our platform after Zoom, for which we’ve offered an integration since 2021.

Connect your Google account to make scheduling and managing meeting links easier

Using the Google integration, moderators have the option to automatically generate unique meeting links for their sessions, and avoid time and effort (not to mention human error!) spent manually creating meeting links.

The integration also allows you to sync a Google calendar, so your availability is visible in the app as you’re picking time slots, and confirmed sessions are automatically added to your calendar.

How to connect your Google account

You can connect and manage your Google account from a few places within User Interviews. Visit the integrations page to get started with Google, as well as see other available integrations. To find the integrations page, click on your username at the top right of the screen when logged in, and select “Integrations” from the dropdown menu.

Visit the integrations page to connect your Google account with User Interviews

You may also be prompted to connect your Google account at various points in the project launch workflow, such as when filling out session details, or setting up availability.

Once you’ve set up the integration, your Google Meet account will appear as an option in the “meeting location” dropdown when you assign yourself as the session moderator.

Assign yourself as a moderator and select your Google Meet account as the meeting location

Who can use the Google integration?

The Google integration is currently enabled on projects for which the project owner assigns themself as the moderator. 

If sessions will be moderated by someone other than the project owner, and your team wants to use Google Meet, you will need to continue creating links manually instead of using the Google integration. This limitation may be addressed with a future product update.

Can I use Google Calendar without Google Meet?

Yes, you can sync your Google Calendar to manage scheduling without ever needing to use Google Meet for your moderated sessions. 

Syncing your calendar allows you to easily reference your availability while selecting time slots, as well as automatically push confirmed sessions to your calendar. You can get all the benefits of calendar syncing while continuing to use our Zoom integration for moderated sessions, or else managing your meeting links manually with any other video conferencing tool of your choice.

Learn more about the benefits of syncing your calendar.

Can I use Google Meet without Google Calendar?

You are not able to use the Google Meet integration without also syncing your Google Calendar. This is because there is a dependency between Google Meet and Google Calendar — there must be a calendar event in order for a meeting link to be generated.

If you have concerns about syncing your calendar, please note that all User Interviews sessions show up as private events, and you continue to have the option of hiding unconfirmed sessions to minimize the volume of events being displayed on your calendar.

If you still don’t wish to sync your calendar but you want to use Google Meet, you will need to add Google Meet links manually to your projects and sessions, instead of using the Google integration.

You still have the option to “add a meeting link manually”

How do I disconnect my Google account?

You can disconnect your Google account from the integrations page. Note that before proceeding, we will display a warning to remind you that all Google Calendar events and Google Meet links associated with all of your projects and sessions on User Interviews will be erased.

We’ll display a warning message before disconnecting your Google account

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