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How can I customize my view of the Hub participant table?

written by
Zoe Nagara
Last updated:
May 6, 2022

Hub allows you to store rich participant data and progressively build detailed profiles of your users. All of this data enables powerful targeting for research. However, teams sometimes end up with dozens of custom columns in the participant table, which can be frustrating to scroll through when trying to segment your panel for a study.

We’ve enabled column hiding and column reordering, to give researchers better control over how they view and use their participant table. By customizing how columns are displayed, researchers can focus in on the user data that’s most relevant to their study criteria, without being overwhelmed by excess information. Ultimately, this makes it easier for researchers to pinpoint the right participants from their Hub population to invite to studies.

How to hide columns in Hub

To hide a column, click the arrow beside the column name, and select “hide column” from the dropdown. You can hide as many columns as you like. To reset the table, click on the “manage” button at the top right of the table, and select “show hidden columns” from the dropdown.

Click on the arrow in the column header and select “hide column”

How to reorder columns

To reorder columns in the table, click and hold the header of the column you’d like to move, and drag and drop it into its new location.

Drag and drop a column header into its new location

What are the benefits of customizing my table view?

Hiding and reordering columns gives you greater control over how participants are displayed, creating more flexibility in how Hub is used from study to study. Some of the key benefits of customizing your table view include:

  • Finding participants to invite to your study faster and with more precision
  • Gaining more control and flexibility to use Hub in a way that suits you as an individual researcher
  • Removing “noise” to focus on the participant data that’s relevant to your study’s criteria
  • Making Hub more usable for teams who store a lot of rich participant data
  • Limiting endless scrolling across the participant table to find what you need


Which columns can I hide and reorder?

You can hide and reorder any column in your Hub table except for the email column, which remains as the unique identifier for each participant and will always appear as the leftmost column. Any other column displaying contact information, activity records, custom data, can be hidden or moved.

Are columns managed one-by-one, or in bulk?

You can hide columns one-by-one, but you do not have the option to “unhide” a single column — you will need to show all hidden columns in one go. 

You can reorder columns by dragging and dropping a column into its new location. You do not currently have the option to select multiple columns to drag and drop together.

More granular table controls will come with future releases.

Who can hide and reorder columns in Hub?

All Hub users can customize their view by hiding and reordering columns. Table preferences are made at an individual user level, and are not saved at an account level. This means that different researchers within the same team can create their own custom views.

Are table preferences saved?

Table preferences are stored locally and will persist across multiple user sessions unless you clear cookies from your browser. If you clear cookies or log in from another device, the table will reset to its original state. Table preferences will not persist when exporting a CSV of participant data from Hub.

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