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How can I use opt-in forms to build my Hub panel?

Growing your Hub panel can be time consuming, but opt-in forms help simplify the process.

Opt-in forms are a great way to build your Hub panel. Links to these forms can be shared to potential participants through email, social media, forums, or various other channels.

Participants who choose to join your panel will be prompted to fill in a few basic contact details along with any other custom questions you've added. These questions allow you to quickly gather data from new participants to filter on down the line.

Research teams on paid Hub subscriptions also have access to custom branding, allowing them to add a logo to create branding consistency across participant communication.

How do I create and manage my team's opt-in forms?

1. When logged into your account, click "Participants" and select "Hub Participants."

2. In the top right corner, click the "Build" button and choose  "Manage opt-in forms."

3. From there, you can create, edit, duplicate, and delete opt-in forms.

Creating a new opt-in form

1. Choose “Create new” after navigating to your “Manage opt-in forms” section.

This will prompt a new opt-in form ready for your edits and customization. We recommend including a short description for participants with any relevant information - such as frequency of contact, time commitment, and a little insight into your research.

2. We provide a handful of default questions to get you started. You can choose which questions are visible to your participants by using the green toggle and select which questions are required by checking the “Required?” box.

Please note: email address is a required field at this time and cannot be made optional

3. Here, you can also include custom questions varying from “short answer” to “pick one” question types. This is a great way to gather more data to filter in your Hub panel.

How can I preview the participant's view of the opt-in form? 

1. To preview an opt-in form from a participant’s view, select "Edit" under the “Actions” section of your opt-in forms.

Click the blue "Preview" option. You'll be taken to a new tab previewing the participant's view of your opt-in form.

How do I use the opt-in form to grow my team's panel?

Your team can have multiple active opt-in forms that can be shared in a multitude of ways. Each form has a unique URL for sharing, and the opt-in form must be active before sending the link to potential panel participants.

To activate an opt-in form, select "Edit" next to the form you want to activate. To deactivate an opt-in form, toggle the form to the inactive status.

To share the link for the opt-in form with participants, copy the link next to the “Form active” toggle. 

This link can be shared with participants via email, social media, relevant Slack channels, or anywhere else you see fit! Participants who at least enter their email (and check the data consent notice, if applicable) will be added to your panel. 

Please note: you will not get a notice that new participants have been added.

How can I include a data consent notice in an opt-in form?

Research teams with paid Hub subscriptions have the option to include new and existing data consent notices to their opt-in forms. This allows researchers to check that box with participants—literally and figuratively. Learn more about how to create a data consent notice here.


Where does the opt-in form data go? 

All responses and data are saved to your Hub panel. All custom questions can be set up to create a new field in your panel or it can be added to an existing field.   

If I update or change an opt-in form, will participants be prompted to complete those new fields?

Opt-in forms are best used for growing a panel as existing participants will not be asked to fill out any new fields. If field updates are needed, you'll need to manually update that data in your Hub panel. 

Participants will be prompted to agree to a data consent notice when applying to their next project If the notice has been changed since they agreed to it.

Can I filter participants by a specific opt-in form? 

Opt-in forms can be filtered on the left hand side of your Hub panel. To filter by a specific opt-in form, use the “Opt-in form history” section to choose the required form.

Can I enter line breaks, format text, or add hyperlinks to the opt-in form?

Not at this time. We recommend keeping your opt-in form short and sweet. Should you need to collect an NDA or consent form, check out our Document Signing feature which collects documents that need signing on a project basis. If you need to collect a signed document for panel purposes, you can also email participants that request.

Can I make other fields required beyond the email field?

Yes. You can mark other "Default fields" as well as "Custom questions" required for those completing your form.

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