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How can I use opt-in forms to build my Hub panel?

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Malcolm Xavier
Last updated:
October 14, 2021

Opt-in forms are a great way to build you panel. Send the opt-in form link via email, social media, etc to potential participants. Those interested in joining your study panel will fill out your opt-in form.

Participants will be prompted to fill in a few basic contact details, and will see any custom questions you've added. Custom questions allow you to get data from participants so you can filter and invite them to relevant studies.

Paid subscribers can even brand your opt-in forms by adding a logo so participants recognize the company.

How do I manage my team's opt-in forms?

  1. When logged into your account, click "Participants", then "Hub Participants."
  2. In the top right corner, click the "Build" button, then "Manage opt-in forms."
  1. From there, you can create, edit, duplicate, and delete opt-in forms.

How do I create a new opt-in form?

  1. After clicking "Create new" above, you'll see a new opt-in form ready for editing! Start with a title and description. We suggest telling participants that they're opting into your panel, and what that means. For example, should they expect to be contacted with study opportunities? What product are they helping influence?
  2. We give you some default questions to start. Choose which ones you'd like to b visible and required (email address can't be optional).
  1. Add any custom questions you'd like: short answers, long answers, multi-select, numbers, dates... It's up to you.

Where does the opt-in form data go? 

All responses and data will be saved in your Hub panel. Each question can be set up to create a new field or will be added to an existing field.

How can I preview the participant's view of the opt-in form? 

Select "Manage" next to a form, and click the blue "Preview" option. You'll be taken to anew tab with an example of the participant's view of your opt-in form. If needed, go back and edit the form.

How do I use the opt-in form to grow my panel?

First, copy the link for the opt-in form you'd like participants to fill out by clicking "Manage" next to the form. The link is at the top of the form. Here's where you can get creative! Send participants the opt-in link via email, in a social media post, to customer success or account managers who may have participants they'd like to invite to the panel, share the link in a Slack channel for customers, etc. Participants who at least enter their email (and check the data consent notice, if applicable) will be added to your panel. Please note you will not get a notice that new participants have been added.

How can I update the "active" opt-in form? 

Your team can have multiple active opt-in forms. You may want to use specific forms for specific groups, such as if you're building a panel for a particular brand or product. Each form has a unique URL. Make sure that the opt-in form is active before sending the URL to potential panel participants.

To activate an opt-in form, select "Manage" next to the form you want to activate, or create a new form, and toggle the form to the active status.

To deactivate an opt-in form, select "Manage" next to the active form and toggle the form to the inactive status.

How can I include a data consent notice in an opt-in form?

Include a new or existing data consent notice to your opt-in form to check that box with participants—literally and figuratively. Learn more about how to create a data consent notice here.


Can I enter line breaks, format text, or add hyperlinks to the opt-in form?

Not at this time. We recommend keeping your opt-in form short and sweet. Should you need to collect an NDA or consent form, check out our Document Signing feature which collects documents that need signing on a project basis. If you need to collect a signed document for panel purposes, you can also email participants that request.

Can I make other fields required beyond the email field?

Yes. You can mark other "Default fields" as well as "Custom questions" required for those completing your form.

If I update or change an opt-in form, will participants be prompted to complete those new fields?

Participants will not be resent or asked to fill out the new fields. If field updates are needed, you'll need to manually update those for participants.

Participants will be prompted to agree to a data consent notice when applying to their next project If the notice has been changed since they agreed to it.

How can I tell which opt-in form a participant filled out? 

The opt-in form a participant fills out will not automatically be recorded. To make note of which form they filled out, consider adding a opt-in form field and adding a question asking participants what form they filled out, only giving them a single answer option for single select. For example:

Q: For our records, please select the form version.

A: Product Insiders Panel

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