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What is a participant's experience in a Recruit project?

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June 10, 2021

In a Recruit project, your participants are recruited from our audience. Anyone who completes your screener survey will be available for your consideration. Here’s what the participant experience looks like  from start to finish.

Applying to studies

Participants who match your characteristic requirements may receive an invitation via email to apply to your study. This is the first interaction participants will have with your study.  Below is an example of what one of those email notifications might look like.

Participants may also apply through our browse active studies page, links shared with them by friends/family, or through our audience team’s marketing initiatives.

Completing your screener survey

Once a user clicks on the link to apply to your study, they will be required to complete your screener survey. This will provide more specific information about whether or not the participant is a good fit for your study. The following example is short and sweet, but you can add as many questions, pages and as much logic as you need.

After completing the screener, they'll arrive at a page confirming that their responses have been submitted. 

They will also receive an email letting them know that their application was completed, which looks like this:

Inviting them to confirm their spot

As you review  candidates in your workspace, you’ll be asked to click 'Approve & invite' for each participant you want to invite to confirm a spot in your study. The candidate will receive an email and text message inviting them to sign up. Keep in mind that an approved candidate is not a confirmed participant. They must follow the steps provided to them to confirm their spot. 

Here’s what the email for approved participants looks like:

And here’s what the text message for approved candidates looks like:

Booking and confirming their spot

From the approval email, candidates will be walked through the scheduling process, during which they must reconfirm they’re understanding of important study details.  To confirm a specific time for a 1:1 interview, focus group, or multi-day study, they will click on the time or range of dates that they can participate.

Participants can choose from any of the open sessions available, or indicate that none of the times work for them. For 1:1 interviews, participants who select "None of these times work" will be able to propose up to 5 alternate session times.

For any project type, participants who select "None of these times work" will be automatically notified if you add new sessions or another participant drops out.

In unmoderated task studies, the screen will look a little different and just ask if they can meet the deadline, like this.

Once they select a time or confirm they can meet the deadline, they’ll arrive at a page confirming their booking—and you’ll receive an email with their details!

Confirmation emails

Once a participant has elected to be part of your study by confirming their spot, they will receive a confirmation email that includes any additional details your provided. For online studies participants will also see the online meeting link if you provided one in the "Default location" field, added a custom location to the session, or have Zoom generating unique links on the project.

It's important that, as a researcher, you update your instructions for confirmed participants within your workspace before approving people to ensure they are receiving the most accurate information at the time of signup.

Participants will also receive a reminder email with all applicable study details 24 hours before the session or deadline.

Participating in your study

The final step, of course, is participating in your study! After a session is completed, you’ll want record attendance and ensure participants receive their incentive payment.  If you have asked us to distribute incentives, these will be sent out automatically once you mark a participant 'Completed'. In this case, we’ll handle any questions about payment as we record all gift codes we send on the participant profile.  If you are distributing incentive payments, be sure to  send them within 10 business days of each session you held. Any questions about payment will be directed to your team via email. 

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