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Check the feasibility of your recruit

Launching a project is the best way to check for recruiting feasibility with User Interviews!
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🗣️ All researchers (both admins and users)
⭐ Available with all User Interviews plans

Looking for assurance that we can fulfill your recruit? We get it! With a growing panel of over 4 million diverse participants around the world, we can recruit for most studies.

How to check the feasibility of your recruit

The easiest way is to launch a project

Launching a project only takes about 5 minutes, and you only pay once sessions are complete (no money upfront!), so it’s the best and easiest way to gauge feasibility. Our median time to your first qualified participant is only 1 hour, meaning you should get a real sense of our recruiting ability for your specific persona within a day or two. 

If you’re looking for a more general overview of who’s in our panel, download our Research Panel Report for key participant stats, data on our most-requested segments, and more information about how we source and vet high-quality participants.  


But I want to know how many in your panel meet my criteria!

Understandable, but trust us—the best way to get a sense of our panel is through a study. The demographic and screening criteria possibilities are infinite, so getting a definite number is often not possible. We've improved our project builder to help make launching a project even quicker and easier, and you should have applicants faster than our internal feasibility check capabilities anyway.

What audience criteria can I target?

  • ‍Location: We recruit in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and South Africa. When launching your project you can choose to target by city, state, or country. ‍
  • Demographic criteria: Target participants based on age, gender, ethnicity, education, employment status, income type, marital status, children, living situation, and homeownership. ‍
  • Professional criteria: For B2B studies, target participants on job title, industry, company size, skills, and small business ownership. ‍
  • Technical criteria: Target participants based on the technology they use, such as computer operating system, smartphone operating system, browser, and more.
  • ‍Screener survey: Create a custom screener survey with questions to help target your ideal persona. Use skip logic to branch participants to related questions, or end the survey for those who don’t qualify based on early questions.

What if I'm not getting qualified participants within a day of launching my study?

If your project coordinator hasn't reached out with suggestions about the recruit already, feel free to email them at Your PC may see if you have flexibility on your criteria, or recommend other tweaks. Sometimes a little flexibility with recruit criteria goes a long way, and the recruit picks up well after that flex is applied. Other times, a simple update like making the study title or description more interesting helps attract more applicants.

A few common recommendations:

  • Do you have any flex with your incentive? Sometimes studies with lower-than-average incentives don't garner as many applications. For more niche or high level professional recruits, a higher incentive may also be encouraged. Check out our data-backed incentive calculator for personalized suggestions based on your study details. 
  • Could you expand any demographic or geographic targeting? For instance, could you widen an age range, set the targeting radius for a city to 10 more miles, add in other job titles, etc.
  • Can you simplify or shorten the screener? Participants get burnt out with longer or more complex screeners, so sometimes removing a couple nonessential questions or making the questions a bit easier to read can really help boost applications.

Why don't we offer a feasibility check anymore? 

We've found that due to the nuance in job titles, different ways companies classify demographic criteria, and unknowns with how niche a screener survey may be, offering ongoing feasibility checks wasn't helpful. Our sales, customer development, or customer success teams may offer a feasibility check on a one-off basis, but otherwise, we encourage you to launch your project to get a true sense of our panel. Please note that our project coordinators are not able to do feasibility checks.

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