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Where can I view upcoming studies?

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April 30, 2020

There are a few ways you can hear about, review and apply for upcoming studies. Keep in mind that user research needs can be very specific, so it is likely to take some time (and more than a few attempts) to eventually qualify. The more studies you apply to that seem to be a near perfect fit, the better your chances are of qualifying.

Email Invitations

When a new study is launched, we send invitations out via email. If you receive an email notification to apply for an upcoming study, there is a chance that you'll be a good fit for the upcoming study. Simply review the study description in the email body to determine if you may be interested in participating. To apply for the study, click "Apply" and complete the screener survey.

The researcher will review all applications and your responses to their survey screener. If they want to include you in their study, you'll be sent an approval invitation. From here, you will be asked to book a time on the calendar or confirm that you can complete the tasks in full. Once you book your spot, you'll receive a confirmation email with additional details and what to expect.

Browse Active Projects

View our upcoming paid studies at any time. If you find a project that may be a good fit for you, simply click on the project link and complete the screener survey.

Haven't been picked for a study recently? Review this support page for are some things to consider and best practices to help increase your changes of being selected.

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