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Recruit participants for usability tests & surveys

Get deep insight from our 4.1 million panel, or target segments of your own users.
  • Verified testers: precise targeting, screening & segmentation
  • Flexible audience: your users, our panel, or a mix of both
  • Mixed methods: supports all moderated & unmoderated research
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Trusted by the world’s most customer-centric companies

Supports all methods
Recruit for surveys, card sorts, usability tests, and more
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See and hear how users think
Our participants provide in-depth qualitative feedback. Run “think aloud” studies that yield high-quality shareable clips.
Get feedback at every stage
From generative to evaluative research questions, insights from our panel can inform design decisions throughout the product lifecycle.
Survey hard-to-find segments
Find participants who perfectly match your own users, down to product usage, skills, roles, behaviors, and more.
“It was so seamless. Once you set up and launch your study, you'll get a list of participants. It was taking me weeks to recruit. Now it takes 24 hours with a ton of people who meet my criteria!”
Matthew Morrison
UX Research Manager, Braze
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Advanced targeting & segmentation
Source niche, hard-to-find audiences

With unparalleled options for targeting, screening and verifying participants, control exactly who you’re getting insights from.

a product illustration showing how researchers can target participants by demographic data like job title, seniority, and industry

Hyper-targeted recruiting

Looking for software engineers? Or senior tech leads who work remotely and use your competitor’s product? We got you.

Screened, validated, verified

Need a perfect match? Fine-tune your recruit with segments, screeners, manual profile reviews, and social verification.

Fast & reliable, every time

Our focus on panel quality and exceptional support mean the vast majority of studies are successfully completed on the first try.
High-depth research
Capture the voice of your customer

Test complex flows remotely and get substantive user feedback that can deeply inform the direction of your product.

Human insight—not faceless data

“Think aloud” study? Multi-step concept test? 30-minute survey? Our panel delivers on any study type, length, or complexity.

Persuade your stakeholders

Generate rich storytelling data that moves people. Pull clips and quotes to use in playback sessions and stakeholder presentations.

Run follow up studies

Dig deeper with follow up interviews or a second round of testing. Keep a global record of participation across all studies and methods.
Try User Interviews for your next unmoderated study
Usability tests
think aloud
card sorts
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Top Unmoderated Features
Explore our solution for remote research recruiting
Smart flow
  • Our revamped unmoderated workflow is simple for participants and hands-off for researchers.
  • It adapts to the unique design of your study and can flex up with screeners, manual approval, NDAs, and more.
  • Participant comms, tracking, and incentives are fully automated.
Bulk actions
  • Move cohorts of participants through the research experience with one click.
  • Message participants, mark tasks complete, and pay out incentives one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Funnel and summary views make progress tracking simple—even for studies with hundreds of respondents.
Tool integrations
  • Turn on integrations to connect User Interviews to your team’s favorite tools.
  • Your study moves seamlessly from recruiting to responses with our open, flexible, and truly method-agnostic platform.
  • Choose any best-of-breed tool and plug it in to UI to get the highest-quality insights from the right users.
Integrate with popular testing & survey tools

Streamline unmoderated research with our growing suite of integrations. We plug right into your tool stack, so you can source the highest quality participants and automate task tracking across all your favorite research software.

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More than just User Interviews

Try User Interviews for your next unmoderated study
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