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Dave (he/him) is a researcher and product strategist, consulting with startups and self-directed product teams. He helps teams understand complex contexts, set new strategic direction, and build research capability into their product development practice. Dave is driven by people he respects, work he enjoys, and the books he just can't stop reading.

He’s the Founder and Employee of the Month at Dave’s Research Company, an independent research and strategy consultancy in Porto, Portugal. Prior to founding his company, Dave established the research program as the first researcher at six different companies, including PlanGrid, Instacart, and ResearchGate. He also co-led the Research Skills Framework project for The ResearchOps Community with Tomomi Sasaki. 

Dave has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is a novice winemaker, with his first vintage (2021) currently aging in a neutral oak barrel in the Douro Valley. He takes a consulting sabbatical each fall to learn how to make wine. 

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